2010 - an investment (majority shares) in Central Bridge, a foreign trade company.

2009 - an investment (majority shares) in General Services, a company dealing
           with real estate.

2009 - an investment (84% of shares) in Astramis (, a distributor
           of biologically clean, purely natural products for health improvement and
           body care.

2009 - the purchase of next shares package in Garmed (, up to 97%.

2005 - the purchase of a majority shares package in Garmed (,
           a company operating in the B2B sector of the Polish market.

2003 - the purchase of 100% of shares in FPA Group (,
           a company operating in the Polish market of outsourcing and consulting

2001 - the sale of shares (33,6%) in the leading company in the Polish market (25%
           market share and 80 mEUR turnover) Antalis Poland ( in
           B2B distribution sector.

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